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Kirby: How the Wrestler Copy Ability Could Translate to Mainline Games

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Kirby has gone through a lot of Copy Abilities over the years, and some have stuck around more than others.

The ones found in Kirby Super Star are typically a solid ensemble that represent both some of the most common abilities like Sword, Fire, and Bomb as well as some rarely seen ones like Copy and Jet.

What powers Kirby is bringing to the table vary with each title, but they're guaranteed to be fun and useful in a variety of situations — though the Wrestler Copy Abillity is one to keep an eye on.The variety found within Copy Abilities has kept growing over the years, with new takes on them like their candy forms in Kirby’s Dream Buffet or Planet Robobot’s Robobot Modes adding on to their legacy.

Sometimes, however, a Copy Ability is introduced in one Kirby game and never returns. Having two or three appearances across the series is fairly common but only a few powers have been one-and-done.

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