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Kingdom Heart 4's Kairi is Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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It's still a while off, but Kingdom Hearts 4 is finally on its way. After stalling between Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3 for over a decade, the series is finally looking forward again.

While there is a bit left to cover in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, Kingdom Hearts’ distant past and present eras are largely cleared up.

The Lost Master Arc is coming, and what it's bringing to the table is already beginning to crop up. Kingdom Hearts 4 will bring with it a number of new characters and locales with the intent to shake things up.One such example is Sora's goal, which has commonly been to find or rescue his friends in past games.

In Kingdom Hearts 4, Sora is instead the one who finds himself stranded and alone in the mysterious world of Quadratum. This modern-looking city is coming under attack by the forces of darkness, and whatever the Foretellers are planning will leave Sora with plenty to deal with.

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