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Judgment vs. Lost Judgment - Which is the better game?

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RGG Studios’ recent PC port, The Judgment Collection, has brought forth an important question - which of the games in the detective franchise is better?

While both are good for their own reasons, one is going to look, feel, and play better than the other.Both titles follow Takayuki Yagami, a former lawyer-turned-detective, as he solves gritty, harrowing cases.

Like the Yakuza series it spun off from, both games are known for interesting stories, ridiculous side cases, and being skilled at immersing players into the world they’re taking part in.In this 1v1 feature, both games will be analyzed via several metrics, to determine once and for all which of the two is truly the best release.

Based on how many points each accrues throughout this article, a winner will be determined.Note: This article reflects the writer’s opinion.Both of Takayuki Yagami’s adventures were significantly different, while also being thrilling detective dramas.

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