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iPhone isn’t responding? Know how to force restart your iPhone

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If your iPhone isn't responding at all, or maybe something else is repeatedly causing concerns, then maybe it is time to force restart your iPhone!

Not just lack of response, but troubleshooting a range of issues on your iPhone such as slow performance, connectivity issues, 5G connection errors, and many more can be resolved with a quick force restart.But is it safe to force restart your iPhone?

The answer is yes! A force restart is not harmful to an iPhone and sometimes will resolve problems. It is fine to reset a phone if something isn't working or you want to give it to someone else, Apple discussions suggested.

Don't worry! It is a quick process. All you need to know first is your iPhone model because the steps to force restart an iPhone will depend on its model.Here are detailed steps to know how to force restart your iPhone.To force restart your iPhone, press and release the volume up button.Then press and release the volume down button.Press and hold the power button.Once the Apple logo appears, simply release the button.

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