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Inuyasha's Family, Explained

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Inuyasha, the titular character in his anime, is a half-demon half-human creature in feudal Japan. Obviously, this heritage leads to a complicated and relatively dysfunctional family tree.

Throughout the show, the audience is introduced to various members of Inuyasha's family, living, dead, and impersonated. Each encounter reveals just a bit more about our protagonist but an overarching understanding can be hard to come by.Staged in a feudal Japan that is plagued by demons and magic, Inuyasha must team up with Kagome, a modern-day reincarnation of his love Kikyo, in order to collect the fragments of a sacred gem that has been shattered.

Inuyasha begins this journey wanting nothing more than to use this gem to attain full demon status and shed his human heritage.

However, he and Kagome both learn that it is his unique ancestry that allows him to be as powerful as he already is.Demon Slayer: The Blue Spider Lilies ExplainedInuyasha is the son of the greater demon Toga and the human woman Izayoi.

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