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How to use the Buy Station glitch to level up weapons fast in Warzone 2

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Warzone 2 has created a significant buzz since it dropped a few weeks ago. Players are currently dropping into Al-Mazrah with their best loadout.

Despite introducing numerous new features like an advanced anti-cheat engine powered by Ricochet, players have found a way to exploit the game's XP system.A few weeks ago, when Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer was released, players were grinding across several game modes to unlock weapons and attachments.

Their goal was to create a powerful loadout. Double XP tokens were the most common method to level up weapons faster. The other was playing in a specific game mode using exploits.With Warzone 2 out, players have found a new way to max out weapons using a simple utility found on Al-Mazrah.

While the glitch might look like an uphill challenge, the result is fantastic as guns are maxed out. This will significantly aid in advancing through the game.The latest Warzone 2 glitch was found by a streamer named Doug (@DougIsRaw on Twitter).

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