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How to play Fall Guys on cross platform between PS5, PC, and Xbox Series (2022)

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There might not be any shortage of battle royales in the gaming market, but Fall Guys' adaptation of the genre is something truly different.

As players take the form of beans, there is no loot to collect or weapons to upgrade, just the simple joy of running around on different maps in a clumsy yet funny manner.Recently, this humorously attractive game has become free-to-play, and it has features like cross-play and cross-progression.Since its release, Fall Guys has gained massive popularity very quickly.

Unlike typical battle royales, there is no killing or violence as players compete with each other in the ultimate test of survival.

The objective is to be the last player standing, but that's easier said than done. Every match has several difficult levels, and the player who survives them all emerges as the winner.

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