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How to get TOTY players in FIFA 23?

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The TOTY promo has been active in FIFA 23 since Friday, January 20, and players are busy trying to get the special items. Every year, EA Sports releases special cards of footballers who perform the best in a given year.

The well-decorated promo has appeared once more, and there are plenty of options for gamers to explore.Of course, the special items will be high on every player's wishlist, but getting them won't be easy.

As of now, the special items are being rotationally released in packs based on positions. At the time of writing, the three midfielder cards of Bellingham, De Bruyne, and Modric are available in the packs.As easy as it sounds, getting the special cards will be quite difficult, but there are certain tricks and tips that FIFA 23 players can follow.

While these steps won't guarantee a TOTY item, they will certainly enable players to invest their resources better.There's no one certain way to get a TOTY item, and it doesn't matter how many resources a player spends.

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