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How to fix the lighting bug in Modern Warfare 2 Campaign

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has a weird lighting bug that results in light orbs appearing on different areas of the map. This glitch can potentially reduce visibility in some instances, resulting in a poor experience.

The lighting bug, however, only seems to occur in the game's Campaign mode.Modern Warfare 2's Campaign is widely praised for its beautiful graphics and immersive gameplay.

However, the lighting bug is currently creating a nuisance in the mode. Players have reported that light orbs will appear out of nowhere and be visible throughout the game's world.Moreover, it can also enhance light sources such as bulbs, lamps, flares, and more in a negative way by making them bigger and brighter.

This takes away the realistic and immersive experience that the game set out to deliver.As mentioned earlier, the lighting bug is exclusive to the video game's Campaign mode.

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