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How to find the Wendigo Cave in Fallout 76

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Fallout 76 is regaining popularity, and many players are diving back in to experience some of its more terrifying aspects. The Fallout series has always had a bit of a supernatural theme to it.

Whether it is the numerous ghouls or the Mothman, Fallout players know that nothing is ever truly what it seems in this franchise.When it comes to the Wendigo Cave, it can be found in the Savage Divide region and is home to various species of mirelurks, feral ghouls, and wendigos.

This is one landmark players should enter cautiously.Players should stay away from this location in the early stages of Fallout 76 and stick to the forest after emerging from the vault until a good amount of leveling up and obtaining powerful gear has been done.After an appropriate level has been reached, they can travel to the eastern side of the map.

This is the Savage Divide region. Here, they have to open the in-game map and use the legend to find Fort Atlas.It is a free, fast travel location, so players can use this feature if it has already been visited before.

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