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How to easily obtain Dragon Tooth and craft the Dragon Scale Armor in God of War Ragnarok

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There are numerous side quests and missions in God of War Ragnarok, most of which allow Kratos to get his hands on some of the rarest crafting resources in the game.Crafting and upgrading armor and weapons are some of the key scaling features in the game.

You can craft many armor sets in the game, with the Dragon Scale Armor being one of the most sought-after by the God of War community.However, to be able to make the set, you will be required to get your hands on some Dragon Tooth, which is a challenging resource to obtain.

You will be required to go out of your way to hunt some dragons in order to obtain them, and the locations of such encounters can feel a little obscure for most.Hence, today's guide will specifically go over how you can obtain Dragon Tooth in God of War Ragnarok to craft the Dragon Scale Armor.One of the best ways to obtain Dragon Tooth in God of War Ragnarok will be to find and defeat all the large dragons in the game.

Players can even obtain the drop from dragon-like creatures they can find in Midgard, including Drakes and Derkis.The Dragon Scale Armor is one of the best pieces of equipment in the game, and you will be one step closer to making it very early on in Ragnarok when the Svartalfheim Mountains are made accessible within the very first couple of hours.This will be the first dragon you will come across in the game, and killing it will automatically net you a Dragon Tooth.Finding the rest of the dragons for the resource is exceedingly tricky as they are strewn all over the open world.

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