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How to easily defeat Doflamingo’s Clone in One Piece Odyssey

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One Piece Odyssey features battles with various enemies, bosses, and antagonists from the anime. The story also progresses in arcs adapted from anime and manga.

Players will come to a point where they will also face major antagonists. Doflamingo is one of those infamous antagonists.Players will encounter him in Chapter 8, which involves the Dressrosa arc.

Doflamingo is a notorious villain in One Piece Odyssey and will try his best to slow down the Straw Hats. Part of his scheme to get rid of them is to send his clones to fight instead of himself.

Players will have to defeat this clone to get to the real Doflamingo at the Royal Palace.One Piece Odyssey's entire Chapter 8 involves the Straw Hat crew traversing the different levels of the New Royal Plateau region.

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