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How Fallout 4's Minutemen Could've Been Its Coolest Faction

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Fallout 4's most divisive faction is The Minutemen, but a simple change would have made them the coolest faction in the game.

Many fans were bored of The Minutemen due to the lifelessness of it, despite the interesting premise of it being a faction the player builds from scratch and has full control over from the start.

The problem is that the game doesn't expand on this the way it could have. Of course, therein lies the solution that could make The Minutemen the coolest side of the four factions.

The premise of The Minutemen is that they are an organized militia of settlements all agreeing to watch each other's backs. Unlike factions with similar setups in past games, like the NCR or New Vegas' Caesar's Legion, The Minutemen aren't necessarily a governing body, but instead a mutual aid organization meant to protect settlements from raiders and other threats.

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