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Hogwarts Legacy leaked quest types: The Golden Path, side missions, and class assignments

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A recent slew of leaks has revealed several interesting bits of information about Hogwarts Legacy, including the game's length, the use of the Avada Kedavra curse, and Merlin's puzzles.

The latest leak has provided Potterheads with various quest types that they will get in the upcoming Wizarding World RPG.Hogwarts Legacy is set in the Wizarding World of 1890, where players step into the iconic school of witchcraft and wizardry as newly admitted fifth-year students.

They will be able to attend classes on various subjects in order to hone their skills. The developers at WB Games Avalanche have already revealed the identity of several professors in the game.The leaks revealed in the past week have been images from the official companion book to the upcoming game, The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy: Exploring the Unwritten Wizarding World.Shared by u/smokediza on the game's Reddit, the latest leak reveals another page from the book that showcases three different quests in-game.The descriptions for the three from the leaked image are as follows:This path will reportedly help players transition from basic magic skills to wielding ancient magic.

The Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy is threatened by an impending goblin rebellion, Victor Rookwood and other dark wizards.

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