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Hilarious Cyberpunk 2077 Clip Shows Car Spinning Wildly in Traffic

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CD Projekt RED released Cyberpunk 2077 with numerous issues. While many have been ironed out through updates since then, players continue to discover some unexpected occurrences.

One Cyberpunk 2077 fan was driving their car through Night City in traffic when they noticed another car spinning wildly out of control in front of them.Reddit user DoomedSolitude recently posted a clip of their exploration of Night City in which they're driving the V-tech car during a sandstorm.

Driving in the proximity of other cars, one on the left side of the freeway begins frantically moving left and right until it starts spinning in a way that a real car would be unable to replicate without rolling.

The Cyberpunk 2077 fan captures the moments the vehicle acts so strangely while entering Wellsprings on route to Nocturne OP55N1, an objective in which V must meet Hanaka at a nightclub called Embers.Cyberpunk 2077 Fan Art Imagines the Game as a Side-ScrollerDoomedSolitude's Cyberpunk2077 clip begins with everything appearing as it should while the player approaches other vehicles in V's iconic car.

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