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Heracles' 12 Labors Would Fit the Hades Formula Well

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Though 2020 was packed with exceptional games from a litany of accomplished developers, there was one that stood out as an unlikely Game of the Year candidate. Hades is the fourth game from Supergiant, a small studio known for fantastic storytelling and visual style.

Zagreus' desperate, yet rarely fruitful quests to leave the underworld never feel like doomed attempts at an impossible feat, instead the progression is lenient enough to keep players' spirits alive.

Along the way there's so much Greek myth that is weaves into its narrative and world-building, but there's plenty that it leaves out, including some characters and stories that are known to almost everyone.Supergiant has yet to release a sequel to one of its games, but the universal critical acclaim and strong commercial performance would indicate that Hades is ripe for a follow-up.

The gameplay loop is satisfying and doesn't get old during extended gaming sessions, and the lore that is weaved into all corners of the underworld is simply too good to abandon with the company's next release.

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