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GTA 6's map is being stitched together using Google Earth and Paint

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GTA 6's map is already being recreated using leaked footage, combined with Google Earth and Microsoft Paint. Over the past weekend, reams of leaked GTA 6 footage made their way online, numbering 90 distinct videos.

Developer Rockstar later legitimized the leak in a statement, saying they were "extremely disappointed" in the incident, but noting that the leak had not impeded the development of the upcoming game.

Now, merely a few days after the original leak, dedicated GTA fans are putting together an in-game map of GTA 6's world based on the leaked footage.

As reported by Kotaku (opens in new tab), the fans are pouring over the leaked footage to put together their own map, but, unfortunately, they can't use any of the footage in their final creation, since Rockstar is hitting those who host the content with DMCA notices.

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