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Grand Theft Auto 6 News Makes Red Dead 2's Guarma Chapter Even Stranger

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Most gamers flock to Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto, though theRed Dead series has also provided millions of gamers with boundless open-world fun.

While theGrand Theft Auto franchise specializes in open-world mayhem, Red Dead instead takes gamers to the Wild West where they can twirl revolvers and kick up dust with their gang. Red Dead Redemption 2 offers one of the most immersive open worlds to date, with one strange exception to its overall structure.Interestingly, partway through Red Dead Redemption 2, the game drastically changes, throwing gamers into a tropical setting by leaving them shipwrecked on an island called Guarma.

There have been many theories surrounding why Guarma was included, as it feels quite out of place. Some gamers believed that Rockstar was experimenting with ideas for Grand Theft Auto 6, but recent reports suggest that is not the case.Red Dead 3 Should Explore Jack Marston as the Last CowboyIn Red Dead Redemption 2, gamers take control of Arthur Morgan, who is part of the notorious Van der Linde gang.

Although Arthur tries to be a good man, he is loyal to a fault, and he always believes Dutch Van der Linde and his plans. After a disastrous bank heist, Arthur, Dutch, and a few of the gang members board a boat which is eventually shipwrecked, leaving the men stranded on Guarma, an island that has been turned into a sugar plantation by Colonel Fussar.On Guarma, players are met with drastically different gameplay.

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