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God of War Ragnarok: How to find and solve The Applecore Nornir Chests (Svartalfheim)

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In terms of collectibles, The Applecore is a rather exciting place in God of War Ragnarok. This is one of the few places in the game that features not one but two Nornir Chests.Collecting these Nornir Chests can be tricky as they have elaborate unlock mechanisms.

Players can find these chests quite easily, but to unlock them in the game, players will have to jump through a few hoops every now and then.In most cases, there are little to no enemies blocking these chests.

So it all boils down to solving the puzzles related to these chests in God of War Ragnarok. Here's a quick guide on where to find these Nornir Chests in The Applecore region and how to unlock them.Nornir Chests usually sport one of four different unlock mechanisms in the game.

The mechanisms are as follows:Each chest in the game will sport up to one unlock mechanism from the abovementioned list. That said, here's where players can find and unlock both chests in The Applecore area.Players can find the first Nornir Chest in The Applecore area of God of War Ragnarok on a platform opposite the mystic gateway.

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