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Genshin Impact teases Genius Invokation TCG gameplay in new trailer: Everything known so far

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Genshin Impact released a new trailer for its newest permanent gamemode, the Genius Invokation TCG (Trading Card Game), on November 30.

The trailer showcases some gameplay of the TCG and many of its unique cards. The gamemode looks to bring players to The Cat's Tail in Mondstadt, where they can take part in battles against tough PvE opponents and more casual battles between friends and other players.The trailer showcases a ton of new content that players can look forward to, and fans can see it and more below.Genshin Impact dropped a surprise trailer for the game's new Genius Invokation TCG gamemode, which will be released alongside the 3.3 update.

The mode will feature cards from throughout the game's world with art ranging from simple weaponry and food to fan favorite 5-stars like Diluc or Kamisato Ayaka.Unlike many other card games, the TCG looks to have deep mechanics featuring a battle system.The trailer begins with the Traveler in Mondstadt entering The Cat's Tail tavern, where they are met with Fischl, Sucrose, and Diona as they engage in some fun TCG games.

Rapid flashes of gameplay are shown, with the animations for the card's attacks being incredible to see.The cards will be able to attack with Elemental Skills and Bursts, and these attacks appear to have unique animations similar to the characters they depict.Genshin Impact fans will be able to take on a wide range of characters in the PvE version of the Genius Invokation TCG, with the trailer not only showing the trio of Mondstadt characters but also 5-stars like Diluc, Ganyu, and Cyno.It seems that The Cat's Tail may be a very popular spot for characters to engage in the card game, and it may be the main location where players will interact with them and

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