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Genshin Impact Spices From The West guide (Day 2): How to make fragrant dishes and get companionship EXP

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Genshin Impact players can earn Primogems and Companionship EXP through the Spices from the West event. Despite ongoing teapot maintenance, the developers have released the highly anticipated event in phase 3 of version 2.6.Spices from the West event doesn't involve combat.

Travelers need to prepare seasonings and use them on existing dishes to make them fragrant. Nazafarin reveals a new recipe every day and players must collect the desired ingredients from the open world or shops.The following is a quick guide to completing the tasks for the second day of the Spices from the West event in Genshin Impact version 2.6.On day 2, Nazafarin asks Travelers and Paimon to make a seasoning called Scent of the Pine.

The ingredients include two Pinecones, one Lotus Head, and one Mint flower.Pinecone is found under trees and is the most common item found in Teyvat.

Players cannot purchase them, but here are some prominent farming locations in the Stormbearer Point region of Mondstadt:Instead of searching for Lotus Head in the open world, players can visit these NPCs and purchase Lotus Head for 300 Mora:The locations of these NPCs have been marked in the images below:Mint is easy to find in the open world, but buying it from the Chloris NPC in Mondstadt is more convenient.

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