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Genshin Impact Dehya leaks: Abilities, beta changes, and more

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Genshin Impact 3.5 beta has started testing Dehya and her abilities in the game. The recent barrage of leaks has already helped the community learn more about her as a playable character.The leaked showcases have revealed her abilities as a Pyro Claymore user.

During this time, the developers have already started modifying her kit, constellations, abilities, and more. Credible sources are at it again as they share the latest information with the community.

Remember that most of the information from the leaks is tagged as questionable or remains subject to change. Either way, players are advised to take all this with a grain of salt.Over the last few days, the Genshin Impact community has received tons of leaks about the upcoming 5-star, Dehya.

Credible sources have revealed all sorts of information about Dehya's kit and abilities from the 3.5 beta.As per in-game lore, Dehya is a bodyguard, and that personality has been reflected in her Elemental Skill.When Dehya casts Molten Inferno, she will create a field called the Fiery Sanctum.

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