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Genshin Impact 3.4: All 7 chess pieces activation device locations

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Genshin Impact 3.4 released a bunch of World Quests in the new Sumeru region, the Desert of Hadramaveth. One of these quests is called the Apocalypse Lost.

It involves finding five Chess Pieces and placing them on glowing platforms of the chessboard in Safhe Shatranj.This will summon five new chess pieces that can later be used for teleporting to the ruins of the Desert of Hadramaveth.

To activate them, you must find chess pieces activation devices and install them in the structures. Doing so will spawn seven Remarkable Chests and a Genshin Impact Achievement.Before you start, note that you must first complete the Apocalypse Lost series.

This quest can only be triggered after finishing the two other Genshin Impact World Quests - The Dirge of Bilqis and The Fallen Falcon.There are seven Chess Pieces Activation Devices in total, and their locations are marked on the map above.Teleport to the waypoint in Aaru Village.

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