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Game Boy-Style Demake of Elden Ring Is Now Available

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Despite millions looking forward to its release, many probably didn't foresee just how huge Elden Ring would be when it came out in February.

In fact, it went on to become one of the highest rated video games of all time, currently sitting at number 34 on Metacritic's best games ever list, just above Mass Effect 2 and Skyrim.

But for one person, there was no reason why there couldn't be other iterations of this immensely successful FromSoftware title, specifically a much more retro-looking version.As seen by PCGamesN, user Shin has created an unofficial demake of Elden Ring in the style of games released for Nintendo's classic handheld console, the Game Boy.

A video on YouTube shows the game in all its glorious 2-bit visuals, with the trademark green coloring of the retro system, complete with wave sound.

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