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Final Fantasy XIV: How To Get Diabolos Wings

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The Diabolos Wings is a Fashion Accessory in Final Fantasy XIV, inspired by the wings of Diabolos, a recurring creature in the Final Fantasy series.

Long-time fans of the series will undoubtedly recognize the flying demon's name from past titles, such as Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy XI.

As for his appearance in Final Fantasy XIV, Diabolos serves as the final boss in the Level 50 dungeon of A Realm Reborn, Lost City of Amdapor, and later plays a role in the story involving the Heavensward Alliance Raid, The Void Ark.

Although the Diabolos has not made a physical cameo in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, players can appreciate the demon's wings as an edgy and visually appealing Fashion Accessory for their fashionista needs or Glamour Sets.

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