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Final Fantasy 14 Calls Erichthonius Erect In Japanese Description

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The Japanese description for the Erichthonios minion in Final Fantasy 14 is giving fans the giggles on social media. The description features an unfortunate typo that misspells Erichthonios as “Erecthonius” and it doesn’t take too much effort to realize why everyone is finding this typo so funny.

I mean, besides the occasional eunuch, who doesn’t find a boner joke hilarious? As you might expect, the Internet is having a field day with this misspelling.

In a Reddit thread about the typo, several of the commenters can’t help themselves from leaning into the obvious jokes to be made.

One user notes that the character is a “stand-up” guy, while another begs people not to be “too hard” on the devs for this. Then there is the one person who just threw all subtlety out the window and renamed Erichthonios to “Erect Hornyius”!

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