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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team TOTY 83+ Double Upgrade SBC (January 20): How to complete, expected cost, and more

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The 83+ Double Upgrade SBC is live along with the much-awaited TOTY promo in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, allowing players to complete the limited repeatable Squad Building Challenge to pack high-rated cards that also have the chance to be part of the Team of the Year series.FUT enthusiasts have been waiting for the TOTY promo with its promise of highly boosted cards, which had a tendency to become meta cards in previous iterations of the game.

FIFA 23 Players will be looking for every opportunity to get their hands on some of the upgraded cards, and this challenge has the potential to be quite profitable in that sense.Here's a quick guide to completing the 83+ Double Upgrade SBC dated January 20 with a cost analysis to determine if it's the right challenge to grind for the Team of the Year promo.The Squad Building Challenge is repeatable in the sense that it can be repeated once every two days for the next two weeks, as long as the TOTY promo is supposed to stay active in FIFA 23.The requirements of the challenge are quite simple.

However, due to fodder inflation in the market, grinding the SBC may be quite a challenge as the prices of the high-value cards are changing substantially within short periods of time due to the introduction of the new cards and Squad Building Challenges.Here are the paltry requirements that players must meet to complete the 83+ Double Upgrade challenge.Rewards: 1x 83+ Double Player Pack (Untradeable)Estimated cost: 12,000 - 18,000 FUT coins across platforms at the time of writingAs mentioned before, grinding the challenge may be difficult for players who do not already have pre-existing fodder to mitigate the cost of building the squad according to the requirements.

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