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FIFA 23 Max 89 FIFA World Cup Hero Upgrade SBC: Complete list of all cards available as rewards

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The FIFA 23 Max 89 FIFA World Cup Hero Upgrade SBC has quickly become popular within the community thanks to the terrific value it offers.

Players can now guarantee themselves a World Cup Hero card by completing the challenge. A bigger advantage is the guarantee in itself and the reliance on luck applies only during the time of the final reward.EA Sports has introduced these special cards as a celebration of the FIFA World Cup.

The gaming giant has collaborated with Marvel to create special designs and FUT World Cup Hero cards are basically upgrades over their standard FUT Hero versions.

These cards are available in packs and can be acquired from the market. However, they don't come cheap, and this is when the SBC can be useful.There's a limitation set by EA Sports on the rewards obtainable from the Max 89 FIFA World Cup Hero Upgrade SBC.

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