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FIFA 23 88+ Prime, Mid, or WC Icon SBC: Best and worst rewards you could receive

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The 88+ Prime, Mid, or WC Icon SBC is a unique proposition in FIFA 23, which comes with great potential rewards in Ultimate Team.

It went live last night and guaranteed an icon card every time someone completes it. Such a huge reward pool provides interesting choices for players to make the most out of.Icons tend to be very popular with players since they're special cards of former legends of the game.

Naturally, these boost stats and overalls and give chemistry bonuses. They're highly coveted for multiple reasons and are highly valued, given their shortage in supply.The 88+ Prime, Mid, or WC Icon SBC also offers the chance to get the FUT World Cup Icon cards.

These were special versions of standard icons released during the FIFA World Cup. Not only do these versions have high stats, but they contain some amazing legends like Pele, Zidane, and more.

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