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Fantastic Four Taps Disaster Wedding Writers To Pen The Script

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Marvel Studios' long-awaited Fantastic Four project, which will introduce the popular characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has found its writers in the duo of Ian Springer and Jeff Kaplan.

This news comes in the wake of Kevin Feige's confirmation of Matt Shakman as the project's director at the recent D23 event.The Fantastic Four have been the premiere family of the Marvel Comics universe since their debut in 1961.

The titular group consists of Reed Richards, his friend Ben Grimm, love interest to Richards and eventual spouse Susan Storm, and her younger brother Johnny, all of whom gained incredible superhuman powers after a scientific voyage into space took a turn for the worst.

The team has always been popular and has spawned several adaptations, including 4 live-action films. Of the four, only 3 were released to less than stellar reviews by 20th Century Fox, which held the rights to the live-action adaptation of the IP until the company’s assets were acquired by Disney, finally rejoining the majority of Marvel's cast of characters.X-Men Film Not Happening Soon And Why Fantastic Four Cast Wasn't Announced At D23Fans have eagerly awaited the inevitable induction of Marvel's First Family into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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