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Fall 2022 Preview: Housing Complex C

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The anime industry has some interesting titles lined up for avid viewers this upcoming Fall 2022 season. Horror anime are almost always a hit or miss — and it's not unreasonable to have mixed expectations. Housing Complex C may be just one of these, however.

Taking place in southern Japan as opposed to near the main capital of Tokyo, there lies a bit more potential in its storytelling — as it's away from the main islands and there are more potentially untold urban legends to delve into.

Most anime utilize yurei (or vengeful ghosts) as their source of horror — though in this scenario, the supernatural perpetrator is intentionally left a mystery.Main character Kimi lives on Iki island in the Nagasaki prefecture.

While she enjoys an affordable lifestyle, it always seems like she's unable to stay away from trouble, and now it's only gotten worse when the residents of her housing complex begin to disappear and show up dead.

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