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EVO 2022 Melty Blood player 'My Wife's Son' goes 3-2 with Guitar Hero controller

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EVO 2022, the world's biggest fighting game tournament, has already seen some phenomenal gameplay so far. However, one of the most hype-filled moments of the tournament had to come from the Melty Blood: Type Lumina pools.Joeseff, also known as “My Wife’s Son” brought back the Guitar Hero controller gameplay he’s known for, and did quite well through his time in pools.During the Melty Blood: Type Lumina pools at EVO 2022, fans were treated to something rather special.

A Twitch streamer, known as Joeseff, who went by ‘My Wife’s Son’ at this year’s EVO, hilariously brought out the iconic Guitar Hero controller to do battle.

One of his matches in particular was aired on the stream when he played Rix.The player was competing in a large number of tournaments at EVO 2022, but it seemed like anime fighters were the player’s specialty.

While other players were getting set up, the casters made it clear that he tended to play a lot of anime fighters. That said, the two casters also stated that they had never seen him play this game before.One caster did suggest that it was likely he would play Shiki Tono, the protagonist character, which wound up being an accurate prediction.

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