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Entertain hungry bird children in weirdo camp sim Camp Canyonwood

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My exposure to summer camps is entirely through films and games. Summer camp culture isn't as much of a thing in the UK, possibly because we're fairly happy to allow our children to learn to tie knots by themselves, by affixing each other to disused railway tracks or sick trees.

In any case, the summer camps I've seen portrayed are usually unwholesome ones, because they're good horror fodder. Camp Canyonwood is a camp counsellor sim, out now in early access, where you (an bird) look after a flock of demanding smaller birds.

It sounds like it would be twee, except the owner is cutting corners and you dream about a talking jackalope. I have not explored these aspects much because I am constantly trying to feed the children.

Given that early access is for this sort of thing, I heartily recommend that devs Deli Interactive buff the energy bar, because a lot of the rest of it seems potentially very cool.

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