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Elden Ring Player's Cheese Attempt Goes Horribly Wrong

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A player attempting to find an easy method to finish the Great Jar encounter in Elden Ring finds their cheese strategy being countered with an attack that appears impossible for players to pull off.

Considering how difficult it can be to earn the Great Jar Arsenal from this encounter, this is far from the only example of a player attempting to cheese through this difficult fight.This latest clip comes courtesy of Reddit user No_Salary_4715, who posted the short video to the Elden Ring subReddit, specifically under the humor tag.

So, even the original player is a good sport about how this fight went, with the summoned adversary seeming to leap up from beyond a death plane in order to land a victory.Elden Ring Player Discovers a Neat Trick to Cheese MaleniaIn the video, the player can be seen fighting against a randomly summoned enemy from the Great Jar encounter, with the build of the adversary being based on one of Elden Ring's online PVP players.

However, in order to attempt to cheese this adversary and beat the enemy easily, the player stands on one of the roots that extends out past the cliff side where the fight takes place.

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