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Elden Ring Fan Makes Impressive Art of the Merchant Kale

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At launch, some gamers complained that Elden Ring was a graphically unimpressive game, citing games that looked more photorealistic to put down its art style.

However, many more gamers came to the defense of Elden Ring, claiming that its art style is extremely unique and beautiful; the game is full of breathtaking landscapes and awe-inspiring views.However, perhaps just as impressive as its landscapes are the game's NPCs, specifically the non-hostile ones.

The diverse roster of characters one runs into on their journey through The Lands Between makes the journey all the more interesting and varied.

For example, many players have made art of Elden Ring's Ranni, dedicating their works to one of their favorite characters from the game.Elden Ring Developer's Next Game is in Final Stages of Development, Working on «Multiple New Projects»One of these memorable characters is the game's first merchant; found just past the daunting Elden Ring Tree Sentinel, Kale can be found in the ruins of a church that provides a safe haven from the Tree Sentinel and other nearby enemies.

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