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Eat the rich in Hyenas, Sega’s new multiplayer shooter

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Creative Assembly is most famous as the developer of the Total War games, but it also made the superb survival horror Alien: Isolation, and we’ve known for some time that the team responsible for that has been expanding and working on something else – a multiplayer sci-fi shooter.

Today, finally, their project is revealed: it’s called Hyenas. ‘Another multiplayer shooter,’ you may say, but Hyenas is a bit different.

For one thing, teams of three compete not to be the last ones standing, but to steal gaudy tat from the world’s most loathsome billionaires. “The billionaires have finally made it to Mars, leaving Earth and those tax bills far behind,” explains Creative Assembly. “The zero-gravity tech that powered their journey has shattered our planet, abandoning us in a drifting slum called the ‘Taint’.

The only thing the rich care for is rare merch – pop culture swag from the lives we left behind – which they loot from the rubble to furnish their Martian mansions.

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