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Dream Claims He's Finally Going to Do a Face Reveal Video

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Popular YouTube content creator Dream confirms in a community update that he will finally be doing a face reveal video in the near future after about three years of being masked.

Regularly maintaining millions of YouTube viewers, Dream's next video may be his biggest yet as he unveils the face behind the Minecraft character.Dream is known for posting Minecraft videos to YouTube frequently, with many reaching over 10 million views garnered from his impressive subscriber pool of more than 30 million.

In Dream's most recent YouTube clip, his friends BadBoyHalo, GeorgeNotFound, and Sapnap chased him around the map trying to defeat him in a speedrunner against hunter scenario, but it's what Dream posted to his channel afterward that got the attention of much of his audience.

In a standard text post for his channel that has been liked by over 262,000 YouTube fans since September 19, Dream stated, among other important news, that his next upload will feature a face reveal.Dream Does A Hair RevealAccording to Dream, GeorgeNotFound is moving in with the Dream Team in Florida, having finally acquired his visa, and they're preparing for a real-life Minecraft manhunt.

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