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Does Anyone Really Like Genshin Impact For The Gameplay?

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I’ve stepped away from Genshin Impact in recent months. Its predatory gacha system took a negative toll on my addictive personality and the amount of content I was expected to catch up with in order to even have a chance of understanding the narrative was ridiculous.

Combine that with new characters and a continuous stream of seasonal events and there wasn’t much in it for me anymore. There are so many cute anime boys and girls I wanted to bring into my roster, but I knew I was doing so for the temporary thrill of pulling them instead of any real desire to level them up and learn their distinct playstyle.

Related: Walter White and Jesse Pinkman's Return Was Exactly What It Needed To Be Genshin Impact has set a new standard for free-to-play titles when it comes to the sheer amount of content available to players without spending a penny.

It was massive at launch, shamelessly aping Breath of the Wild’s ideas to provide us with a massive region to explore that aimed to tell an involving story with compelling lore and characters we came to love.

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