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Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is a remake of a classic roguelike puzzle game

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Desktop Dungeons, the beloved turn-based roguelike, is coming back with a new style. And while it can be tricky going from a quaint pixel art presentation to a more general modern 3D style (albeit with nice new illustrated character art), the main draw was — and should still be — the puzzle-solving gameplay.

Developer QCF Design announced the 3D remake Desktop Dungeons: Rewind for Steam with an estimated Q4 2022 release. According to the team, “the goal with Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is to bring a game we love to modern devices and modern audiences.

For a long time we’ve felt that we’ve under-served players with the resolution choices we made for Desktop Dungeons back in 2011 (!!) and have had to stick with since.

This is the perfect opportunity for us to address that, while adding new features to the game to make it smoother and more rewarding to play.” One of the main new features in Desktop Dungeons: Rewind is the ability to rewind your turns when you die, in order to take better steps in the run-up to the boss.

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