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Dead by Daylight Offers Update on How It's Dealing with Cheaters

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Dead by Daylight appears to be taking the issue of cheaters very seriously as evident in a recent update by one of the game's community managers.

The post highlights Dead by Daylight's alarming ban statistics along with a roadmap detailing the game's future plans for improving its anti-cheat capabilities.When the asymmetrical multiplayer survival-horror game kicked off in 2016, it became an instant hit thanks to its diverse cast of survivors and killers pitted in frantic and terrifying PVP matches.

For fans of the horror genre, Dead by Daylight offers a unique experience as players take on the roles of iconic villains like Halloween's Michael Myers, Friday The 13th's Freddy Krueger, and Silent Hill's Pyramid Head.

The game has since released numerous updates that add more killers and survivors from various franchises while refining the game's mechanics.

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