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DC Killing Off Their Version of X-Men's Angel Was A Huge Mistake

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DC Comics once briefly introduced a character who bore striking resemblance to the X-Men's Angel--then killed him off in the same issue. Hawkman, introduced in 1940, is both one of DC's most essential and most complicated characters, owed largely to the convoluted nature of his history and origin.

Hawkman has alternately been Carter Hall, an ancient Egyptian prince reincarnated as an archaeologist, Katar Hol, a police officer from the planet Thanagar, or sometimes a combination of elements that seems to vary from story to story and continuity to continuity.

Although several stories have tried to make sense of the Hawkman continuity, it is fair to say that it's this convolution that keeps many readers away from Hawkman.

This is unfortunate, considering the number of thrilling and pivotal stories that have featured Hawkman. One of these, The Shadow War of Hawkman, which featured Hawkman in his Katar Hol space cop persona, told the story of Hawkman in battle with his former homeworld of Thanagar, with whom he had previously severed ties over a major political disagreement.

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