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Cuphead Still Has Undiscovered Easter Eggs – And the DLC is Full Of Them As Well

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According to Cuphead co-creator Maja Moldenhauer, the original Cuphead game still has undiscovered Easter eggs.IGN interviewed Moldenhauer at Summer Game Fest Play Days, an event at which the game’s long-awaited DLC, The Delicious Last Course, was available to play.

Another game that was also at the event was Street Fighter 6. During the interview, Moldenhauer spontaneously asks if we had the chance to play Street Fighter 6.

To some, Moldenhauer’s interest might come as no surprise: One of Cuphead's boss battles is known for its references to the Street Fighter series.“Street Fighter is definitely one of the core games that influenced us,” Moldenhauer admitted.When asked if the DLC will include references as well, Moldenhauer answered with a big yes.“Oh my goodness, there’s a lot!

It’s probably one of the most fun things about creating games. They’re all over the place. This is actually one of Jared’s – one of our co-creators – favorite things to do, as he likes to pay homage to his favorite games.

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