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Call of Duty Warzone Season 4: Top five loadouts for Fortune's Keep

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With the arrival of the latest Call of Duty Season 4 update, the game's meta has witnessed a drastic change. Many weapons that were ideal for the meta of the previous season have been nerfed heavily.

However, at the same time, several weapons that were not viable last season have now received major buffs.With the release of the new Resurgence map of Fortune's Keep, the community is certainly looking forward to some exciting new content.

The new map is similar in size to Rebirth Island, but is more diverse in terms of terrain. This is why both close-quarters sub-machine guns (SMG) and mid-to-long-range assault rifles (AR) will play a major role in the latest meta.Players will need effective weapon combinations to perform well in the new map, as the previous meta is no longer viable.

The article below will list out the top five loadouts for players in Fortune's Keep.Fortune's Keep is a brand new map with varied terrain, featuring tight close-quarters combat locations such as in 'Town' and 'Smuggler's Cove' to mid-to-long range engagements in 'Keep' and 'Winery'.

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