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Call of Duty fans finally seem to be jealous of Fortnite players after Epic's latest anti-cheat update

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The Call of Duty community has been in awe over Fortnite's latest anti-cheat measures. Fortnite's new anti-cheat update for consoles prevents players from using third-party hardware that provides them an unfair advantage.

Among other hardware, Cronus Zen and Cronus Max are primarily mentioned as restricted devices.Epic Games' anti-cheat update prevents players from using mouse and keyboard on their consoles to simulate controller input.

This update has received positive reactions and has been welcomed by Fortnite and Call of Duty players alike. However, since this is only coming to Fortnite, it has left COD fans feeling jealous.Fortnite recently received an anti-cheat update that restricts players from using third-party devices on consoles that give them a competitive advantage.

The banned devices, in particular, include those pieces of hardware that simulate controller input when externally, the input is made through a mouse and keyboard.Famous Warzone and COD content creator James - JGOD asked Call of Duty developers on Twitter about when something similar will also appear in COD games.Another user, Martin Dennison, said that in the current Modern Warfare 2 beta, the game is plagued with players using devices like Cronus.User Slug Sloth wishes for the same anti-cheat feature to appear in Call of Duty.

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