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Asteroid danger! Space rock passed Earth at a distance closer than satellites

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NASA has revealed key details about an asteroid which passed Earth at an alarmingly close distance. Although scientists had earlier determined that there was no risk of impact as of yet, the asteroid's close approach serves as a reminder of the potential danger that asteroids can pose to our planet.

NASA, ESA and other space agencies continue to keep a watch on Near-Earth Objects which have the potential to collide with our planet.

If these objects come within 8 million kilometers of Earth, they are classified as Potentially Hazardous Objects.The asteroid has been named Asteroid 2023 BU by NASA's Center for Near-Earth Object Studies.

The same organization has also revealed its trajectory, distance of close approach and approximate speed. Asteroid 2023 BU passed Earth today, January 27, at a distance of just 9980 kilometers.

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