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Arma Reforger leaked before announcement; console entry, official reveal date, and more

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Fans of the Arma series have been waiting for the fourth game, as the sequel was confirmed long ago. However, they could be in for a treat if recent leaks are to be believed.

According to leaks on Reddit, there could be not one but two games that may be on the way to fans. According to the leaks, another game called Arma Precursor which will also be released.Over the years, the Arma series has provided a fantastic blend between shooter and realism.

Unlike other military-themed games, the series is known for its emphasis on how wars and action take place in reality. The fourth game in the series has been in the making for some time now, but the leaks suggest what would be more.

The fresh leak was first spotted on Reddit, where user u/PlzDontBlame posted a set of documents that allegedly belong to Bohemia Interactive.

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