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"Argentina look terrible": Andrew Tate is all praise of Saudi Arabia after winning against Argentina in FIFA World Cup

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In his latest tweet, controversial internet personality Andrew Tate sang the praises of Saudi Arabia after they defeated tournament favorites Argentina in their first match in the FIFA World Cup.The win was the first big upset in the Qatar World Cup as the underdogs shocked the world with a 2-1 win against the team many touted to clinch the tournament.Andrew Tate, with his recent conversion to Islam, tweeted out his support for Saudi Arabia, praising its natural and historical heritage, its distinguished religious and cultural sites, and the abundance of oil and coffee production.

The former kickboxer ended the long list with the added distinction of defeating Argentina in the World Cup.The Qatar World Cup has been one of the most scrutinized footballing tournaments to date.

However, as the first FIFA World Cup to be hosted in a Middle Eastern country, it has been a source of great pride for a lot of people from that region.The feeling has only intensified with Saudi Arabia's victory over Argentina.

Furthermore, Andrew Tate's tweet about the country has garnered a lot of attention, having accrued over 50,000 likes within hours of it being posted.

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