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All rewards for League of Legends Worlds 2022 Pick'Em challenge

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The Pick'Em challenge is a fun and interactive game that League of Legends players can participate in during Worlds 2022. In the Pick'Em challenge, fans will get a chance to predict the performance of the various teams in the tournament.Based on a number of correct predictions, fans will be rewarded with many goodies by Riot Games.

Specifically, all the rewards that fans can obtain through the Pick'Em challenge have been discussed in this article.The Pick'Em challenge will be played worldwide on the official lol esports website and will have a global leaderboard that will rank the participants according to their performance.

The best performers will be showered with some of the best rewards from League of Legends.The Pick'Em challenge in League of Legends is a prediction game conducted by Riot Games yearly during the World Championships.

The participants who get the most number of predictions correctly often get some amazing rewards.This year, however, the rewards have been cranked to the maximum, incentivizing many fans to participate.

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