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All chapters in Forspoken and how long it takes to complete them

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With Forspoken gearing up for its official release later today, fans who are looking to try Luminous Productions’ title out are quite excited to learn about some of the features that the ARPG will bring to the table.Although initial reviews of the game have been mixed regarding the protagonist Frey and her time in the imaginary land of Athia, the game is still quite enjoyable, with an incredibly unique parkour system and combat mechanics.One of the more frequently asked questions among community members is regarding how many chapters are there in the title and how long it will take to complete each of them.

Since it’s an open-world RPG, the completion time for each section of the game will vary from player to player, depending on how much time they spend exploring the various secrets of Athia.

Looting treasure chests and solving puzzles will add to the total completion time, but you can just play the game for the story in casual mode and only opt to clear the narrative to have a significantly reduced playtime.

Here is a list of all the chapters that are currently available in Forspoken and the expected time that you will need to complete them.The chapter list and the associate completion time listed below are based on how long it takes to complete the particular story.

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