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All Chapter 1 Poker Cards in Hard West 2

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Hard West 2 is a game all about strategy and it becomes apparent how strategic you need to be in the first chapter. You will need to pay attention to your posse’s equipment, who to take into each fight, your loyalty, and what Poker Cards each posse member has in their hand.

Poker Cards play an important role in the game so it stands to reason that you should try to collect as many of them as possible.

Here are all the ones you can collect in the first chapter of the game. All Chapter 1 Poker Cards in Hard West 2 It may seem a bit unlucky, but there are 13 Poker cards you can find in the first chapter of Hard West 2.

Each of these cards will grant the character holding them stat increases and bonus traits, making them one of the more useful items in the game.

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